SunRise Ventures mission is to connect Silicon Valley with areas of the country that are in need of new technology investment and growth opportunities, particularly the SouthEast of the USA.

We work with startups, non-profits, and government entities. Sunrise aspires to introduce these partners into the Silicon Valley ecosystem. We do this by helping our constituents with market research, strategic guidance, and business development.

Our team is diverse with backgrounds in building startups, military, government, and non-profits. We are technology agnostic but we focus on fintech, medical, frontier tech, security, and the gig economy.




Our primary focus is to help startups access Silicon Valley investors and companies. It is often difficult for startups not in the technology hubs to get to the right investors or partners. We can help.


The technology sector is flush with cash yet they do little to solve the most dire problems that our country and society face. We help non-profits access capital and technology to focus on their missions.


We help government quickly tap into technology development resources. The government procurement process can be slow and bureaucratic. Our goal is to connect the two so that we bring the best technology to bear for our democracy.

What we do

Our goal is to help our clients with market research, connections, and ultimately partnerships that lead to successful outcomes.